Update 02/14/02: Sample Domain Sorcerer - Westerielle Ash, A Velsephayan Aelven. Racial Write Up for the Wild Merren, courtesy of Rich Piraro, as well as Merren Racial Feats by yours truly. Also, some pdfs of essential Shards info, taken from this website: The Shards Overview, and Gods of the Shards. Later versions will be illustrated by Rich. The first glimpse of the Upper Shard kingdom of Barrioch, a former domain of the Empire of Xauphinelle, and those who would strangle dragons. Additionally, the Wyrrdinmen are back up, and are now powered by Natural20 Press' Wild Spellcraft pdf. The wise will buy this excellent $5 pdf!

Update 11/09/01: Sorcerer Domain System: Final Version is up!

Update 10/06//01: Sorcerer Domain System: New Version.

Update 9/28/01: Added the Fiorean Sky Knight Prestige Class and a trio of merren flexible-weapon prestige classes: the Merren Linkwalker, the Many Paths of the Eternal Stride (in both non-spellcasting and spellcasting variants), and the Merren Chain Spinner.

Update 9/25/01: Added Shard Regional and Racial Feats, ala the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. 

Update 9/16/01: Updated Velsephayan Aelven to use only PHB spells as spell-like abilities. Noted a couple of mistakes in the Sorcerer Domain System. These will be addressed, and a couple of prestige classes added by Monday.

Update 9/14/01: Sorcerer Domain System is again updated, and now has a .pdf file that can be downloaded of the current version.

Update 9/05/01: Sorcerer Domain System is updated, and now has a .pdf file that can be downloaded of the current version.

Update 8/31/01: Added the Sorcerer Domain System. Please comment at the original thread! This system needs playtesting and feedback!

Update 8/21/01: Added pdf files of the months in the Shard Calendar. Each month also includes info about life in the Shards and worship of the various gods.

Update 7/25/01: Removed Wild Magic rules and Wild Caster Template. A new version will appear at some point.

Update 7/16/01: Added section on skyships. Also added errata to the Manx racial abilities allowing them to use their Dexterity bonus when Climbing. Added The Honorable Order of the Shrouds.

Update 7/12/01: Added Velsephayan Aelven racial info. Expanded Velsephay section. Changed Poll. Prestige classes to follow shortly...

Update 6/4/01: Changed Poll! Added a FORUM. Expanded the info on Fioré, adding especially to the Points of Interest. Added Velsephayan Razorleaf Master Prestige Class. Added the Arkenvaldi Battle Thanes Prestige Class. Added the The Ancient and Honorable Crown-Sworn Order of the Black Hart Prestige Class.

Update 5/25/01: Added a Poll! Please respond. The poll will be changed weekly. Added section on the Fioran Wyrrdinmen sorcerers, as well as the Wild Spell Caster Template they use (including Wild Surge Tables). This template is also used by the clerics of Marthayn, to be detailed shortly. Added Human and Dwarven pictures in the d20 Section. Added Kingdom of Velsephay section. Added Confederacy of the Shoal Kingdoms section. Added Sons of Khomar unarmed brawler Prestige Class, Fiery Flails religious zealot Prestige Class. All prestige classes by Ed Hastings, the Killer Shrike. Another update soon!

Update 4/27/01: Had some weird bugs crop up. Finally fixed them and, hopefully all links are working. Thanks for all those who mentioned specific broken links. I have renamed the links, and all seems well.

Update 4/26/01: Added 4 new prestige classes from Fioré, Ozaan, and Xauphinelle:  Order of the Iron Bastion, Cloud Lord of Xauphinelle, Ozaani Sacred Paragon, Xauphinellean Elegant Bereaver Swordmaster.

Update 4/25/01: Added first part of Ozaan section. Added new logos to the nav frame thanks to Killer Shrike. Edited Fioré slightly. Added a VERY cool pic of the Merren thanks to Rich Piraro.

Update 4/20/01:Added first part of Fioré section. Added the Alt.ranger and the Traditional Assassin. Modified frames.

Update 4/19/01: Added frames to website to assist loading time.

Update 4/18/01: Added Concept Sketch Gallery. Please check it out. Again, all sketches by Rich Piraro. Also   added image of Lelani, a player character from the Velsephay Campaign, to the Pentatra page.

Update 4/17/01: Added some details on how the stranger aspects of the Shards work in The Shards Explained.

Update 4/16/01: Added Cosmology Questions section.

Update 4/14/01: All swordstyles are up in the Free Cities section!