Part Four: Rules and Character Creation

Regional and Racial Feats in the Shards

A. Races

1.      Humans

Humans.jpg (129766 bytes)

2.      Ælven

a.     Imperial Ælven, who live in accordance with their magical heritage.

b.      Velsephayan Ælven, who have forsaken their magical heritage after the Ælven Civil War, and the Kinstrife Curse.

  3. Dwarves

Dwarves.jpg (80180 bytes)

Same as found in the Player's Handbook. Cultural background differs.

4.      Drakken

DrakkenDrakkinaColor.jpg (47407 bytes)

5. Half-Ælven

Half-Ælven are the same as found in the Player's Handbook.

            a. Sidebar: Attitudes towards half breeds in Velsephay and Xauphinelle.

6.      Manx

Manx.jpg (60841 bytes)

7.      Merren

Merren.jpg (60176 bytes)

a.       Sidebar: Wild merren

b.  Merren Racial Feats


B. Examples of Race/Class combinations

C. Overview of the places of various classes throughout the Shards (Where Wizards are common, etc.)

D. Racial Size Comparison Illustration

E. New Classes or Class Modifications:

    1. The Alt.Ranger

    2. The Wyrrdin of Fioré (Fioran Wild Sorcerors)

    3. Grey Preacher (Cleric of Marthayn)

F. Additional Prestige Classes

1. Traditional Assassin Prestige Class

2. Fioréan Skyknight

3. Order of the Iron Bastion

4. Cloud Lord of Xauphinelle

5. Ozaani Sacred Paragon

6. Xauphinellean Elegant Bereaver Swordmaster

7. The Wyrrdinmen of Fioré

8. The Sons of Khomar (Shoal Kingdoms)

9. Klommeshian Fiery Flails of Chaltis (Shoal Kingdoms)

10. Velsephayan Razorleaf Master Prestige Class

11. Arkenvaldi Battle-Thane Prestige Class

12. The Ancient and Honorable Crown-Sworn Order of the Black Hart Prestige Class

13. The Honorable Order of the Shrouds

14. Merren Linkwalker

15. The Eternal Stride

16. The Merren Chain Spinner