Still, the most devote of clerics, those beloved of the gods, can call upon these divine sentinels, and pull them from the sky for a few moments. Few calamities are so threatening that such a divine summoning is called for, yet stories are told of the night the first Pentatra was destroyed: the besieged clerics darkened the night sky as they called upon those divine servants to protect them from the Beneath. This bought the Pentatra just enough time to scourge the Beneath's dark heart and end the Second Rising, though at the cost of all their lives.


One celestial kept his post during that dark night to let those huddled in darkness know that all was not lost: Onora, the First Star of Morning, the Light of Hope. Onora, the celestial servant of Eimag and Avasha, brightens slightly before the dawn. This begins the procession of the celestial guardians back across the sky, to their rest in the Solar Hearth until the next evening falls.

Goblin tribes, the spawn of Madragat, and the undead often find their way through the Dark Paths, as do many other things vile and unwholesome. It is believed that the priests of Hastur, Madragat, and the Beneath can control the manner in which the Dark Paths intersect, and thus know decide exactly where a tunnel or passage will find egress.


Despite this, sometimes common animals or even bold adventurers can travel in this manner.


Many tales can be heard of skysailors stranded on a shard far from civilization, who waited until the Endless Night and dared to find passage home through the Dark Paths.

Some found their escape, some found death, and others are said to wander still, driven mad by the terrors they have seen.