Note: Read the Brief Overview of the Shards before perusing these.

New: Regional and Racial Feats

1.      Overview of Shard Life

a.       Coinage

                                                                           i.      Dangers of using Xauphinellean Imperials or Velsephayan Crowns in certain countries

b.      Transport

                                                                           i.      Skyships

                                                                         ii.      Skysteeds

                                                                        iii.      Teleportation and its dangers

                                              1. The Great Maelstrom

c.       Languages

                                                                           i.      Shoal Common

                                                                         ii.      Tradespeak (Merren)

                                                                        iii.      High Fioran

                                                                       iv.      Ćlven

                                                                         v.      Tleyan

                                                                       vi.      Shadowtongue

                                                                      vii.     Ozaani

                                                                    viii.      The Templar Languages

1.      Auran – The White Tongue

2.      Ignan – The Red Tongue

3.      Aquan – The Blue Tongue

4.      Terran – The Grey Tongue

5. Celestial – the Golden Tongue

                                                                       ix.      Giant

                                                                         x.      Goblin

                                                                       xi.      Abyssal

                                                                      xii.      Infernal

                                                                    xiii.      Sylvan

                                                                    xiv.      Draconic

2.      Ozaan, the Holy Land

a.       The Matriarch

b.      The Grand Tabernacle of the Pentatra

c.       The Ozaan Desert and Pilgrimage

                                                                           i.      Desert Monasteries

d.      The importance of trade between the Circle Sea, Xauphinelle, and Ozaan

e.       The Desert folk, driven out of the oases by the Pentatra and settlers

3.      The Empire of Xauphinelle, Homeland of Ćlvenkind

a.       The Ghost Cities and the Kinstrife Curse

b.   Barrioch, former Imperial Conquest

4.      The Free Cities of the Circle Sea, Ports of Adventure


  5.      The Confederacy of the Shoal Kingdoms, Thinly Veiled Anarchy

a.       Shoals of Note

b.      Havens of Piracy

6.      The Kingdom of Velsephay, Land of New Hope and Bitter Hearts

a.       The New Dawn

b.      The Avenging Brotherhood

                                                                           i.      The Arcanopath Monks

7.      Tleyzu, Dark Realm of Blood and Witchery

a.       The Witch-Queens

b.      The Slave pits

c.       The Jungles of Tleyzu

d.      The Dark Secret of Tleyzu’s survival

8.      Fioré, The Steel Kingdom

a.       The Seven Houses:

                                                                           i.      House Sparstag

                                                                         ii.      House Heldrake, the drakken house

                                                                        iii.      House Iceheart

1.      The merren ice barbarians

                                                                       iv.      House Caerdamon

                                                                         v.      House Gwyren

                                                                       vi.      House Trueblood

                                                                      vii.      House Wyrrding and the Wyrrdinmen

1.      The taint of magic?

2.      the Wyrd and sorcerous magic

b.      The Brotherhood of the Dragon

                                                                           i.      The Serpent’s Tooth and the Monastery of the Dragon’s Heart

c.       The Shield Wall

                                                                           i.      The Brotherhood of the Shield

                                                                         ii.      The Honorable Brotherhood of the Shroud

d.      The Barrowlands

                                                                           i.      Sidebar: Who were the first settlers of Fioré?

9.      The Underlands, Doorstep of Evil

10.  The Forbidden Lands, Beyond the God’s Touch

11.  The Beneath

12.  Drakken Shards

13.  Dwarf-Holds

a.       Yath, Lost to the Tleyans

b.      Karheima

c.       Hyllum

d.      Damoghast

e.       Gneissen