Merren Racial Feats


You possess a physical manifestation of the arcane blood of the merren race, a pair of horns that grow from the head. Wild merren almost always possess a pair of horns (or more rarely, a single horn) if they have an affinity for arcane talent, though only the truly gifted have this feat. Civilized merren of mixed stock sometimes give birth to a horned child, especially if the one or both of the parents dabbled in arcane magic. Horns may be curled ramís horns, spiraled unicorn horns, pointy demonic nubs, stag-like antlers, and so forth.

    Prerequisite: Merren or Wild Merren, CHA 11+

    Benefit:If possessed by a merren not of an arcane spell-using class, this feat allows the merren to choose either two 0-level or one 1st level sorcerer spells. The spell (or spells) can be cast once each per day. These spells must be chosen when the feat is taken and cannot change at a later date. You do not spend time preparing this spell.

If possessed by a merren who is an arcane spell-caster, the horns are larger and more impressive, and grow as the merren grows in arcane power. The appearance of the horns generally is connected to the type of magic the merren favors (if using the Arcane Domain Sorcerer rules, your chosen arcane domains are reflected in the appearance of your horns). A horned merren who enters an arcane class will find their horns slowly changing to reflect their magic.

Instead of a few free low-level spells, the horns of a sorcerer, bard, or other arcane spell-user, allow the merren to treat their Charisma as 2 points higher than its actual score for purposes of bonus spells and access to spell levels (a merren sorcerer with 11 Charisma would be able to cast up to 3rd level spells if he had horns, rather than be limited to 1st level, as his Charisma would normally limit him).

    Special: If a horned merren ever has their horns cut off, they lose a portion of their arcane power until the horn or horns grow back. The benefits of this feat are lost, and at the moment they are cut off a merren arcane spell-caster randomly loses half of their spells at each level. The first spell of the merrenís highest level that is lost is automatically cast upon the individual cutting off the horns if they are within 10 feet. Horns regrow in a number of days equal to 10 minus the Sorcererís CON bonus.

Merren horns are small targets, and have hardness 5, and 3 hit points.

    Special: You may only take this feat at 1st level. Horns cannot be used in combat.

Bonded Mount

You can create a unique bond with one mount at a time that allows you to sense your animal and accomplish difficult feats of riding skill while riding it

    Prerequisites: Merren, Wild Merren, or Animal Empathy.

    Benefit: While riding your chosen mount, you gain a +2 bonus to Riding skill checks. You may also try to sense the direction of your bonded mount (if it is still alive) by making an Intuit Direction check against a DC of 15 (you may use a Wisdom check if you do not have the Intuit Direction skill). You may retry once per round as a standard action.

    Special: This skill may only be applied to once animal at a time. If your mount dies or is lost, you may choose a new mount as long as you spend a month in your new mounts company. This bonus stacks with any racial or competence related bonuses a character may have.

Temperature Tolerance

Through long exposure to harsh elements and warmer climes, you have learned to exist comfortably outside of your icy home.

    Prerequisites: Ice Merren (Sirsha)

    Benefit: You may ignore the sensitivity to temperature that Ice Merren are normally prone to. You may comfortably exist in climes that your race would normally find intolerable.