The Beneath hungers for the end of all things. The Ælven Empire prepares to recapture lost glory. Skyships fly to and from the cities of the Circle Sea, little suspecting the trials to come as the Legend War erupts. From the upper shards closest to the divine Solar Hearth to the vile shards of the Underlands, none shall be safe when the Beneath Rises once more, and stifling darkness grips the Shards.

Undead legions float up from the sea of midnight on skyships of war.

The spawn of Madragat boil forth from the Shard's dark and hidden places.

The Iron General, Hastur, fallen godling and chosen warrior of the Beneath has put a plan in motion that will unify the various scions of the obsidian depths, and bring darkness to the Shards forever.


Who will step forth to brave these dangers, and bring back the light of day?

Who will become the new Daybringers, and who will die in the attempt?

Welcome to the home of the the Shards, a campaign setting I've been working on for Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition. The Shards was inspired by Japanese animation, heroic fantasy, and to an extent, HP Lovecraft.

This webpage will not boast any fancy HTML work, but it will eventually have a large amount of information. I'm going to present the webpage as a Table of Contents, as if the Shards were a book. Click on the major headings to get individual chapters and entries. Right now things are sparse, but there is much more to follow. The Shards have been my pet project for 8 years.

All illustrations are created by Rich Piraro, who can be commissioned for character sketches.  

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All the various logos and headings are the work of Ed Hastings, the Killer Shrike.

Ed also did vast amounts of work on the Free Cities of the Circle Sea based on my brief notes.

Thanks also to the Eric Noah Boardmembers for feedback!

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