Humans of the Shards.


Blessed by various gods and goddesses, marked by time and experience, the humans of the Shards vary greatly from nation to nation. Some of the more common human types are described below.


  1. Ozaani: Dark skinned and copper haired.

  2. Desert Folk: skilled architects and great thinkers forced to live a hard life outside the cities of Ozaan

  3. Freeman of the Nine Cities: Though there is variation by city, the Freemen are usually dark haired, and have tanned, olive, or somewhat yellow skin. Some are almond eyed. The citizens of each Free City take great pains to make themselves distinct from other Free Cities. Many Freemen possess some measure of Merren blood.

  4. Shoalfolk: a melting pot of humanity, the standard human type

  5. Velsephayan: take somewhat after the ælven, perhaps due to diluted ælven blood

  6. Fiorans: tall, platinum haired folk with fair skin and a hardy demeanor

  7. Tleyans: red-skinned savages who are fierce in battle and worship bloody new gods through their Witch-Queens.

  8. Underlander: Home to exiles, criminals, and the most vile scum. The servants of the Beneath dwell easily among them.