The Hecatonchires

Or, The Hundred Handed

 It spins through space, a birthplace of monsters. Here, Typhon’s seed has begotten offspring of metal and irresolute will. Beneath its black clouds of ash, lava rivers flow, casting dim red reflections into the sky. Granite cliffs and veins of metal cover the sphere, broken occasionally by a forest of crystal spires jutting up from the planet’s core. The crystals, strangely out of place, are the only thing of beauty on a great grim planet, a planet that might well be the face of a harsh and glorious god. Here, over the fields of ash, across the plains of rock, through the rivers of lava, stride the Hecatonchires, the Hundred Handed Giants.

The sole denizens of the planet Hecate, the Hecatonchires are ideally adapted to their forbidding home. They are some 18’ tall, and the heavy gravity of their home makes them very strong. They are of metallic composition, and seem to have no internal organs but for their five-lobed brain, that sits in the middle of their torso-tower. The torso-tower possesses a plated head, the brow of which protects the two mian eyes of the Giant. Smaller eyes ring the base of the head-plate.They usually walk on four thick legs, the knees of which ring the torso-tower and point skyward. Beneath the front pair of legs, usually held up against the Giant’s body is a fifth limb, an arm. A hand possessed of three fingers set equidistant about a central eye can be found at the end of the arm. These fingers can split off into sub arms, each possessing three more fingers that can similarly split into increasingly smaller scale versions of themselves, each hand possessed of smaller and smaller versions of the “overseer” eye that observes manual work. The legs end in wide pinchers, and on occasion the great arm is used to prop the front legs up so that they might be used to crank or shove some machine or object.

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