CONWYRISNUL (ELEGANCE OF LAW): Large even by Giant standards, Conwyrisnul Elegance of Law is a gleaming figure that reflects its brilliant intellect. Great white robes and ceremonial armor bedeck tits titan. The armor conceals a small communications array that allows it to contact all of its advisors as long as they are within the orbit of Hecate, or whatever planet Elegance of Law is currently on. Elegance of Law listens to all its advisors offer him, but in the end colors their offerings with its own intuition. Its strategies are brilliant, but seldom do they leave anything to chance, for he worries deeply about the possibility of its race failing in tits cycle. Alien races barely infringe upon its view of the universe as potential conquests for the Hecatonchires. Should the armed might of the Hecatonchires prove not enough to ensure dominance of resources for the next phase, Elegance of Law has assigned one of its advisors to determine a new method of warfare to get the race what it needs.


ITHISONUL (PURE RESOLUTION): Pure Resolution is the Diviner Advisor to Elegance of Law, the Supreme Leader of the Race. Even now Pure Resolution’s talents are guiding its people to a way to the stars, and from there to the richest areas of space. Elegance of Law trusts Pure Resolution’s abilities, and is tempted to send it to the front lines to ensure a swift victory. Pure Resolution feels that would be a mistake, but cannot honestly say that its feeling is based on Diviner gifts. Ithisonul Pure Resolution is a graceful member of the race, and would make a fine warrior; for now, though, the place for Pure Resolution is where its leader commands.


VORKHANWYRITH (DYNAMIC OF TRADE): Another advisor to the Leader, Dynamic is a troubleshooter, sent to remove obstacles to the Hecatonchires plans for conquest. Vorkhanwyrith Dynamic of Trade is outfitted with a few choice bits of technology: a personal nullgrav harness with a stealth field, as well as a shardspitter, an attempt at a weapon more accurate and less incidental damage prone than the plasmacaster. Dynamic of Trade is an innovative thinker, and has quite a bit of license to act under Elegance of Law'’ auspices. Dynamic has also been charged with devising a new method of war should the tried and true Blossom of Acquisition method fail. For a Giant, Dynamic of Trade can move quite quitely, though his sinister angular appearance belies a dark sense of humor.


KHANONAO (TRAGEDY OF ARROGANCE): Once Elegance of Law’s chief rival, Tragedy is now the commander of one of the moonships, with authority to conquer and cleanse multiple systems in the name of the Hecatonchires. Tragedy is a powerfully built Giant, with a dull, coppery luster to its metal body. Tragedy of Arrogance loves to lead by example, and often takes the field should the moonship be safe from attack. Tragedy has an elite group of O-caste and VOR caste commandos that it has created to scout out any potential targets for the moonship’s wrath. These warriors operate in unusual ways, and other KHANs watch them closely, to determine if Tragedy of Arrogance is truly deserving of its station.


(FESTIVAL OF THE POET): A Deviate, Festival constantly swings between MERCHANT and THINKER dominance. One day Festival makes a killing in an alien stockmarket, the next, Festival questions the very nature of money and its place in sentient society. Festival is only ten feet tall, and likes to cover himself in a veritable riot of colored robes. Festival also thinks of himself as a “him”, a further dsign of his Deviate nature. Add to this Festival’s semireliable ability to teleport vast distances, and even from star to star, and it can be seen why Festival lives a life interesting even for a Hecatonchires. Festival is unsure of whether he should feel any allegiance for his race, and perhaps wait until the THINKER phase when he might have the best chance of convincing Hecatonchires society at large to accept him, or whether he should just forget about them. He also wonders if he should feel any guilt over the races that will die at Giant hands if Festival does not say something about the Hecatonchires and their plans. Festival has a rather unhideable senseof humor, which comes with being an individual with such a bizarrely bipolar mind.

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