The military might of the Hundred Handed is an awesome thing in the WAR phase. The Giantís moon-ships are loaded with the weapons of conquest. The moons house the Blossoms of Acquisition, tremendous pomegranate-like ships that are covered with smaller dropships. These drop ships jettison from the hull of the Blossom, and plummet towards a planet, wrapped in a fiery plasma corona. They hit the planet at incredible speeds, speeds that would kill a human or similar organic lifeform, but which are a mild jarring for a Giantís metalliform body. The idea behind the assault is to bypass orbital defenses and instead go for destruction of the populace. In space, the Blossom of Acquisition expands its plasma corona, and then focusses it on passing alien ships as it chases larger prey, destroying it in its fiery aura.

                The NA warriors, who for the most part man the dropships, are armed with a limited range of weaponry which they step from their dropshipís crater wielding. First among them are the threshers. These are mounted on the front knees of the Hecatonchires, and they spin an energized monothread in a programmable pattern (usually a circle). The energized monothread creates both a shield of energy and a bloody scythe, should it come into contact with an organic lifeform. The tactic most often used is to go wading into a crowded urban area, slicing civilians by the thousands.

                The arm of the Hecatonchire holds a massive plasmacaster, which sprays a tremendous gout of raw superheated plasma much like a very long range flamethrower, easily capable of hitting unwary aerial targets. The Hecatonchires have no weapon truly dedicated to precise long range attack, though their gigantic hand-weapons would lead an observer to think otherwise. In attacks in the WAR phase, great care is taken to not use weapons of mass destruction near precious resources, lest they too be destroyed. The average Hecatonchires wielding a plasmacaster is considered a weapon of mass destruction. Should fortifications prove troublesome, O-caste specialists are called in to determine the best way to destroy them (though with the plasmacaster, most fortifications are merely a question of cooking time).

Scholastics are redundant given the Group Memory of the Giants; all Hecatonchires are born knowing what they need to know to fulfill their duties. Art is relegated to the ARTIST phase.

                Religion, however, is the best means for a Hecatonchires to reveal individuality. The concept of a creator who demands worship is foreign to the ego-less Giants. The question of who the Hundred Handed are, and where they come from is an eternal one, however, and many schools of thought exist with regards this topic, most of them refined or created during the THINKER phase. The rogue powers of the Deviates sometimes are brought up by the THINKERs, but for the most part, Hecatonchires shun them.

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