The government of the Hecatonchires is based on caste and merit. The Supreme Leader of the Race is always one of the KHAN caste, and those in the caste rigorously compete to determine who amongst them is fit to rule. In the WAR phase, these contests are those of military acumen, and combat skill. Strategy and tactics are tested, as well as resource management. When all of these contests and competitions are over, one of the KHAN is elected leader by the caste. Treachery in these contests is unheard of, as the Hecatonchires are guided by a manifest racial imperative, as opposed to ego. A Hecatonchire may not like to lose, but such failures will not inspire cheating, as it might amongst humans.

The commands of the Supreme Leader are law, and regarded as absolute by the rest of the race. Only VOR are likely to go against the proclamations of the Supreme Leader, and then only if a previously unexpected situation demands it; this is in truth part of the VORís function, to provide adaptability to the race as a whole, which normally does only as instructed.

The Supreme Leader posts the remaining KHAN to take care of various racial priorities, and takes one of the IS as an advisor. A VOR usually also acts as an advisor, and is chosen by the Supreme Leader. Responsibility and power then filter down through the castes, from O to NA and UL. The workers of the race accept their roles, just as they accept their new role once the phase ends. It is the way it was meant to be.

The Giants have no legal system, no family structure, and no gender. There are no lines of inheritance, as the Hecatonchires have no children, and do not even consider the possibility that a new generation might follow them if they fail to prosper.

Though it may sound like the Hecatonchires are a hivemind, they are not. They merely possess an overarching racial memory, which in many ways acts like a conscience. Their thoughts are their own, but they do not have to deal with hormonal irrationality or mental aberration (beyond those possessed by the Deviates). They have their individual desires, their individual senses of humor, and they have their own particular likes and dislikes; however, this is all tempered by knowing what is best for the race on some deep, basic level that the Group Memory inhabits.

Hecatonchires have no monetary system in the WAR phase. They have no real needs that need to be paid for, as they do not eat, do not tire easily, and do not breath. One thing they do seek is entertainment, and it is common to see Hecatonchires who are not at work gather to entertain one another with stories and song. This is freely given, and freely participated in by all Giants.

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