The Hecatonchires do not reproduce as do other, organic races. They in fact do not know or care how they reproduce. They are. They always will be. Should the race fall, their places shall be taken by a new generation of Hecatonchires who will walk up out of the lava of Hecate, fully cognizant of all their race has accomplished since the last successful Transcendence, due to the Hecatonchire’s Group Memory. Weapon plans, city layouts, starcraft designs, all of these and more reside within the Group Memory of the Hundred Handed.

                The minds of the Giants are strange. Each consists of five-lobes, and once every two hundred years, a different lobe of the brain becomes active according to a very deliberate cycle. The different phases of the Great Hecatonchire Cycle are described below:

MILITANT PROSPECTING (WAR): The Giants, girded for war, set out to take control of the richest area of precious resources that their Seers can find. The destroy anything that stands in their way between them and their prize.

MERCHANT BANKERS (MERCHANT): The new goal for the Hecatonchires is profit. They seek to produce and trade goods made with their abundant resources, stockpiling profits to fund the next phase of their race.

GALACTIC ARTISANS (ARTIST): The next lobe of the Hecatonchires’ brain lends itself to aesthetics and creativity. With their fractal arms, they now turn from counting coins to expressing truths and making works of artistic merit. They travel widely, teaching the principles of art both to educate and learn from those they pass in their wanderings. This all refines their mind for the next step…

UNIVERSAL PHILOSOPHERS (THINKER): The Giants now rest on their laurels and turn inwards. Their culture funded by trade and art from past phases, their minds similarly enrichened, they begin to contemplate the secrets of existence, of Truth, and of Sentience. If any innovation to future phases of the same cycle occurs, it is through the rethinking of Hecatonchire civilization during this phase. Success at this phase propels them towards their true goal.

TRANSCENDENCE (OMEGA): The Omega, of which almost nothing is known. When the Hecatonchires reach this phase, the racial memory is cleared of all experiential data, leaving only the most basic of technological information…

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