Necropolis II

There used to be vampires...

...but that was 2000 years ago, before the Day of Judgment and the Rapture. Not all of humanity achieved Transcendence. The Earth is now abandoned by God, and the Sun has gone out. The few remaining humans walk a twilight world with only nightmares for company. The world is in the grips of a new Dark Age. Only candles and campfires light the darkness. Only spears and knives can defend the last dregs of humanity from the horrors that prowl the Nightlands.

The Necropolis Reborn...

The vampires of the old stories are dead and gone. They failed in their divinely appointed task two millennia ago. Slowly, patiently, a new power has risen: the Scarlet Empress. Within her thrall is the terrifyingly powerful Red God. Each night, she sacrifices what humans her minions can find to her City-God. Slowly the City of the Dead spreads across the globe like some festering cancer, fuelled by bloody ritual and the mad dreams of a tyrant. The Red God's power is absolute within the City, and when the Necropolis covers the Earth, the Scarlet Empress will reign supreme through her enslaved deity. Until then, she extends her grasp into the Nightlands through her legions of walking corpses, marrow-jacks, and ensorcelled spirits.

The Dominion of the Empress will be one of endless cruelty and depthless  tyranny.

Four Tribes against the End of the World...

The Swords, Cups, Wands, and Pentacles are the four great tribes of the Nightlands. Descended from the refuse of humanity that the Lord left behind, the have struggled to create a new society on the Dark Earth. Prophets have foretold that the Four Tribes will be given the chance to turn back the forces that threaten the tatters of humanity. Of course, the  prophets have been saying these things since the sun went out.

Each Tribe has preserved sacred knowledge. Each Tribe has its mysteries. Among the Tribes, old magic is reborn, and strange gifts uncovered.

And there are those who have come to the Tribes who are not human, arcane beings who cling to these small islands of light and warmth amidst the Nightlands. Horrific visages hidden beneath rags, they may be spies for the Empress, but few refuse company during the endless night.

  In The Darkness...

In the Darkness... old secrets lay buried, new evils awaken, and strangeness stirs across three worlds. Ancient powers will be remembered, endless spite will be redeemed, and the echoes of a better time will be heard down through the ages. The Vampires of the Necropolis may be gone, but the ruins of the world remember them.

Here, the Necrosphere and the World of the Spirit overlap. Strange things stir, and in the darkness of an endless midnight, anything might be possible, if the thin flame of hope can remain alight.

A Dark Fantasy...

This is a dark fantasy game treading in the wake of a game of urban horror. Flexibility is the rule, and all manner of characters and motivations are welcomed. More information will be posted, but feel free to inquire as to the nature of my vagaries. You may be humans, you may be gifted, you may be ghosts, you may be byproducts of alchemy and necromancy.

You cannot, however, be vampires.

Well... not the vampires you remember.

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