New Domains of the Shards

These were found on the Web, and I am unsure of who to credit with them. Thank you, regardless.

Soul Domain (should be called the Death Domain, and the current one should be called Undeath)
Granted Power: may make a Will save versus DC 20 to resist level drains. This is a Supernatural ability.
1: Deathwatch
2: Speak With Dead
3: Negative Energy Protection
4: Death Ward
5: Halt Undead
6: Greater Restoration
7: Control Undead
8: Energy Drain
9: Soul Bind

Charm Domain
Granted Power: Bluff, Intimidate, and Sense Motive are class skills.
1: Enthrall
2: Charm Person
3: Suggestion
4: Emotion
5: Greater Command
6: Dominate Person
7: Mass Suggestion
8: Mass Charm
9: Dominate Monster

Craft Domain
Granted Power: Free Skill Focus feat (i.e. +2 to skill rolls) in all Craft skills learned. (But not in craft skills used Untrained.)
1: Make Whole
2: Wood Shape
3: Stone Shape
4: Animate Objects
5: Fabricate
6: Move Earth
7: Transmute Mud to Rock
8: Simulacrum
9: Polymorph Any Object*
* - not usable on currently-living things, but can make living things out of nonliving.

Creation Domain (difference from the Craft domain: Craft makes something out of something else; Creation makes something out of nothing.)
Granted Power: Create one small, obviously-magical item once per day (as the effect of the Prestidigitation cantrip), which lasts 24 hours. This is a Spell-like ability and a Full-Round action.
1: Unseen Servant
2: Create Food and Water
3: Minor Creation
4: Leomund's Secure Shelter
5: Heroes Feast
6: Major Creation
7: Wall of Iron
8: Mordenkainen's Magnificent Mansion
9: Clone

Summoning Domain
Granted Power: Cast Summoning spells at +1 caster level.
1-9: Summon Monster I-IX

Weather Domain
Granted Power: permanent Endure Elements versus natural weather phenomena
1: Obscuring Mist
2: Resist Elements
3: Gust of Wind
4: Sleet Storm
5: Call Lightning
6: Control Winds
7: Control Weather
8: Whirlwind
9: Storm of Vengeance

Guardian Domain (Guardian is for protection of places, while the Protection domain is for protection of creatures)
Granted Power: free Alertness feat
1: Alarm
2: Consecrate
3: Glyph of Warding
4: Status
5: Forbiddance
6: Greater Glyph of Warding
7: Guards and Wards
8: Symbol
9: Antipathy