The following was created by the group effort of the EN Board posters. The alt.ranger is used in the Shards setting rather than the Ranger as put forth in the PHB.


Alternate Ranger Class


Alt.Rangers have the following game statistics.

Abilities: Dexterity is important for a Ranger because they wear light armor and because several of ranger skills are based on Dexterity. Several ranger skills are based on Wisdom, and a Wisdom score of 14 or higher is required to get access to the most powerful ranger spells. A Wisdom score of 11 or better is required to cast any ranger spells at all.

Alignment: Any

Hit Die: D10

Class Skills:
As Per Ranger with Sense Motive (Wis) added in. Rangers get bonuses to their Sense Motive checks against Favored Prey, and the heightened senses and gut hunches of the classic Woodland Warrior matches this skill well.
Skill Points same as before.

Class Features:
Armor: Rangers are proficient with Light armor and Shields. Rangers prefer lighter armor for ease of movement and because some class skills are penalized by heavy armor.

Weapons: Rangers are proficient with all Martial and Simple weapons.

Spells: As Per PHB Ranger but with Fairie Fire added as a Ranger 1 spell.

Track: Rangers get Track as a bonus feat at first level.

Favored Prey: At first and every other level after that rangers get a point of Favored Prey. Points of Favored Prey may be spent on creature types from Table 3-14 to gain or upgrade bonuses against those creatures. A maximum of five points can be placed in any one creature type. For each point of Favored Prey in a creature type, the ranger gets +1 to Bluff, Listen, Sense Motive, Spot, and Wilderness Lore checks against that creature type. He also gets this bonus to attack and damage when using melee weapons or ranged weapons within 30'.

Chosen Terrain Bonus: At second level a Ranger chooses a Chosen Terrain. He gets a +1 to Animal Empathy, Hide, Intuit Direction, Move Silently, and Wilderness Lore checks while in his Chosen Terrain due to his familiarity with the surroundings. Every six levels after second (8th, 14th, etc.) a Ranger's chosen terrain bonuses advance by +1 and he may choose another terrain at +1. The terrains are listed on Table 9-5: Terrain and Overland movement. Consult with your DM to add other types of terrain for your ranger on a case-by-case basis.

Overland Movement: The Ranger may attempt to use his Wilderness Lore skill to improve his movement rate in trackless terrain (from Table 9-5, PHB) by finding the optimum way through the terrain. If walking, it requires a DC20 check once per day. If hustling, it requires a DC20 check once per hour. Effect: If alone the Ranger is able to traverse the terrain as if on a "highway". If leading a party of other people, he is able to lead them as if on a "road/trail".

Bonus Feats: A Ranger gets a bonus feat at 4th and every five levels after that. This in addition to the bonus Track feat at level one. These bonus feats must come from the following list of feats: Alertness, Endurance, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Run, Skill Focus, and Toughness.

The Ranger's saves and attack bonuses are unchanged.

Ranger Progression:

1. 1 point of Favored Prey, Track, Normal Feat.

2. 1st Chosen Terrain

3. Normal Feat, Favored Prey

4. Spells 1st Level, 1st Bonus Feat

5. Favored Prey

6. Regular Feat

7. Favored Prey

8. 2nd Chosen Terrain, Spells 2nd Level

9. Regular Feat, 2nd Bonus Feat, Favored Prey


11. Favored Prey

12. Regular Feat

13. Favored Prey

14. 3rd Chosen Terrain, 3rd Bonus Feat

15. Favored Prey, Regular Feat


17. Favored Prey

18. Regular Feat

19. 4th Bonus Feat, Favored Prey

20. 4th Chosen Terrain