The Many Paths of the Eternal Stride

(by Azazel, aka Rick Luebbers)

There is a legend among the Merren people. A legend of a great hero who, born of an siren air captain and soon passed on to a traveling merchant began his journey before he had even left the womb. Traveling throughout his childhood he was the embodiment of wanderlust and, at the age of ten, embarked on a journey alone.

He served on ships, he hiked across deserts, he dove from shard to shard. Eventually he flew on the backs of dragons and sailed the clouds themselves or so it is said.

Long ago a powerful Merren Arch-mage fought a doomed battle for a small Merren community whose Shard had fallen out of alignment and was threatened with consumption by the Beneath. His fight was valiant, yet futile. He, the community, and the shard were lost. But what the Beneath wrought from his bones and birthed of his blood was terrible.

Although it took years a new race was born. An abomination of Merren flesh, dripping an acid laced blood, white fires burning in their eyes, they arose from the Beneath upon reptilian wings to seek out their "kin" and consume their flesh.

The battles were titanic but the Merren were losing. None could discern their weakness and none could best them in combat. The Merren race was without hope. But in their darkest hour a flight of dragons arrived, lead by The Wanderer.

His forces burned away the darkness and he forged amulets proof against the Beneath's foul magics. The tide was turned and The Wanderer led the assault that banished the darkness forever.

After all was said and done the Merren people gathered to honor him but he was no where to be found. A small boy had spotted him as he went and begged him to stay. But he sent only a message. With a smile he said he had a journey to continue but he would return when it was over. When would that be asked the boy. At the end of time, for my journey is eternal.

From The Wanderer's tale was The Eternal Journey born. To this day Merren embark on the eternal quest, vowing to see all that there is to see within The Shards, to grow strong, and to return at the end of time to lead the Merren to paradise.

The Eternal Stride is but one of a million paths to this goal.

The Eternal Stride (Non-Spell Casting Version)

The Eternal Stride (Bard Version)

The Eternal Stride makes use of the Hooked Chain, a weapon invented by Rick Luebbers, aka Azazel.