The Hooked Chain

Weapon Statistics:

Weapon Price Damage Crit Range Weight Type
Hooked Chain   20gp   1d8/1d6   x2   10'/5' or15' *    15 lb   piercing/bludgeoning*

*= see text.

The Hooked Chain is an exotic weapon. It begins with a 15 to 20 foot chain. Typically the links are forged in a pattern similar to a figure eight to reduce links from slipping and to discourage the tangles and kinks that can prove problematic with chain weapons. On one end a spherical weight is mounted, this weight serves as both a counter balance and a blunt weapon similar to a small flail. To the opposite end a three-pronged grappling hook is attached. Typically this end is used, as one would expect with a grappling hook although, often enough, when used in combat it too can be used to bludgeon opponents although, while larger and heavier, it is a bit unwieldy compared to the simple weighted end.

In combat the hooked chain counts as a double weapon. Typically it is held two thirds of the way down it's length towards the weighted end. The weighted end is spun about and used as a small flail while the hooked end is used to attack targets further away. Extra chain is wrapped around the user and those who are proficient in the weapon are able to keep the long weapon under control with remarkable prowess. The hooked chain has a number of abilities and concerns:

  1. Only the weighted end (1d6 bludgeoning damage) threatens and only at the 5' reach.

  2. The hooked end has a 10' reach. (1d8 piercing damage)

  3. The weapon may be used to make trip attacks. However, due to the fact the user is wrapping the weapon around themself to keep it under control they may not drop the weapon after failing a trip attempt.

  4. The hook end may be used at 15' reach. However the grip must be changed to do so and there are a number of disadvantages. Typically this option is only used in non-combat situations (hooking ledges, sky ships, etc). Any attacks made at this distance are made as ranged attacks (15' range increment, 15' max range) similar to a whip. These attacks do provoke attacks of opportunity. Secondly, when used this way the weighted end cannot be used and thus the weapon does not threaten any area and may not be used as a double weapon (although it is still two handed). Once per turn the grip may be changed as a free action.

  5. The Weapon Finesse feat can be used with a hooked chain.