Table X-3:  Wild Mishap Table (Will DC 21)

d%:        Result:

01-02       Harm on you, followed by power word, stun on you.

03-04       You lose the ability to cast spells for 1d20 days.

05-06       Insanity upon thee.

07-08       All non-living material within 10 feet is disintegrated.

09-10       Greater dispelling on you.

11-12       Target’s alignment changes randomly.

13-14       Target becomes allergic to magic.  He takes 1 point of damage for every spell he casts, and 1 point of damage every hour while wearing any magic items.

15-16       Target is encased in a cocoon.  Unless freed, it emerges in 3 rounds as a green slime.  Escape Artist or Strength check DC 21 to break free each round.

17-18       Target gets a –1 inherent penalty to a random ability score.

19-20        Blasphemy, dictum, holy word, and word of chaos on target.

21-22       If spell has instantaneous duration and an area of effect, it instead lasts 10 minutes and occurs once per round, always in the same area.

23-24        Prismatic sphere, centered on target.

25-26        Mordenkainen’s disjunction, centered on you.

27-28        Polymorph other on target to turn target into a Beholder (but with no magical abilities).

29-30       Target’s race changes randomly.  Roll on the reincarnation table.

31-32       Target gains 2 negative levels.

33-34        Temporal stasis on target.

35-36       Target perceives everyone around him to be making funny faces at him.

37-38       Target automatically wins the next 1d20 games of chance she plays.  She thereafter loses the next 1d20 games of chance.

39-40       Target gains the permanent ability to spiderclimb at will.

41            Target changes sex.

42            All gold within 100 feet turns to granite.  All gems within 100 feet turn to ice.

43        Creeping doom.

44            As 44 on the Major Mishap table, only permanent.

45        Permanent image.  The illusion makes the area forever look as it does now.

46            Your mind and target’s mind switch bodies.

47            All normal animals within 1 mile become dire animals.  Animals receive saves to resist.

48            All dead creatures within 1 mile that died in the last month animate as zombies.

49            Summon nature’s ally IX to summon 1d4+1 off the 7th list.  Creatures attack randomly.

50            Heroes’ feast; if feast is disrupted the spell is ruined, but the conjured food, tables, etc. remain.

51        Whenever target hears her name, she shouts in reply, “Never say that name!”

52            Holy sword on every weapon within 50 feet.

53            One random magical item of target’s permanently becomes non-magical.

54            Gate to random plane.  50% chance a creature comes through each round.  Gate remains open for 1 round/level.

55            The terrain within 100 feet alters dramatically (e.g., forest to desert, or lake to snow-covered island).

56            The next statement you make is true, lasting for 10 minutes, within the limits of a Wish.

57            A programmed image of a stereotypical mother appears next to target and chides it in its native language for 1minute.  It follows the target if he moves.

58            Target becomes deathly allergic to his favorite type of food.

59            Plant growth and entangle.

60            All creatures within 100 feet jump forward in time 12 hours.

61-62       All spellcasters within 100 feet become terribly afraid of casting spells, and must succeed a Will save (DC 21) to cast any given spell.

63-64       The next time target is affected by a fear-causing spell-like, supernatural, or exceptional ability, a major image of her skeleton leaps out of her body and runs screaming away from the source of the fear.

65-66       You and target fall madly in love (as a potion of love).  Effect is permanent.

67-68        Earthquake.

69-70       Time stop on you.

71-72       You become permanently immune to the spell.  Immunity can be raised or lowered as a free action once per round.

73-74       Target gains the permanent ability to change self at will.

75-76       You automatically succeed your next saving throw.

77-78       For the rest of your life, a major image of a weeping woman appears every time you kill a sentient creature.  She appears over the body, mourns wordlessly, then disappears after 1 minute.

79-80        Confusion on target.

81-82       If you eat any food with the word ‘apple’ in its name, it tastes nothing like apples.

83-84       Mass heal on all creatures within 30 feet.

85-86       Target sprouts wings (1d4: 1-bat, 2-buttefly, 3-bird, 4-dragon), and can fly at 30 with poor maneuverability.

87-88       You gain Spell Resistance 10.

89-90       You gain a +1 inherent bonus to a random ability score.

91-92       Free Your Mind (wild spell, see Chapter Four).

93-94       You gain elemental resistance 10 to one random element (1d6: 1-acid, 2-cold, 3-electrical, 4-fire, 5-sonic, 6-roll again twice).

95-96       Next round you can cast limited wish without any XP cost.

97-98       Spell manifests as a medium-sized elemental-like creature under your control.  Anything the elemental touches is affected as though the spell had been cast on it.  The elemental has the same hit points, hit dice, attack bonus, ability scores, armor class, and movement as you, and exists for 1 round per level before vanishing.

99-100     Spell functions as if maximized and empowered; it does not allow a save and ignores spell resistance.