Table X-1: Minor Mishap Table (Will DC 13)

d%:        Result:

01-02       Spell targets you; area of effect spells center on caster.

03-04       Spell functions; you take 1 damage per spell level.

05-06       You lose one random spell slot of your lowest spell level.

07-08       Spell functions, but save DC has a –10 modifier.

09-10       Spell functions and deals 1 point of damage to each target.

11-12       Inflict light wounds on you.

13-14       You are struck mute for 1 minute.

15-16       You are stunned for 1 round.

17-18       Reduce on you.

19-20       Tasha’s hideous laughter on you.

21-22       Target mildly cursed.  For 1 hour gets a –1 penalty to all saving throws.

23-24       Target forgets the events of the last round.

25-26       Faerie fire on target.

27-28        Illusionary nasty bug scurries across target’s face for 1 minute.

29-30       Target affected by heat metal.

31-32       Grease.

33-34        Desecrate.

35-36        Darkness.

37-38       All items within 30 feet become louder and squeaky, granting a –2 circumstance penalty on Move Silently checks.

39-40       30-foot radius burst version of dispel magic.

41            Your hair grows one foot.

42            Target compelled to lie in response to the next question he’s asked.

43            Your voice changes dramatically.

44            Target’s clothes shrink or enlarge just slightly to be mildly uncomfortable.

45            You leave monster-shaped footprints.

46            Charm person on target.

47            Your head enlarges, -1 size bonus to AC.

48            Target stinks like a skunk until he washes.

49            You spit forth d% small butterflies.

50            Soft music plays for 10 minutes.

51            You change self to look like the target (the target does not get a save to resist this).

52            Every surface within 10 feet is covered with a thin coat of slime that evaporates within a minute.

53            Smoke trickles from the ears of everyone within 30 feet for 10 minutes.

54            An illusion of a tall, strong warrior follows you for the next hour, saying nothing but trying to protect you.  It is the equivalent of a programmed image.

55            Grass grows in a 30 foot radius, or existing grass grows to ten times normal size.

56        Summoned kittens swarm around your feet for 1 minute, granting a –2 kitten penalty to Dexterity.

57            The (1d4: 1-hair, 2-nails, 3-skin, 4-eyes) of every creature within 30 feet changes to the same random color.

58            A small black raincloud appears over target and follows him, raining for 1 hour.

59            Silence.

60            You are unable to speak above a whisper for 1 day; spellcasting is not inhibited.

61-62       1d6x20 copper coins fall on your head, dealing 1 damage. 

63-64       Magic weapon on all weapons within 30 feet.

65-66       Spell fails, but slot is not expended, so it can be cast again.

67-68        Expeditious retreat and cause fear on target.

69-70       You gain a +1 resistance bonus to saves for 1 minute.

71-72       Cure light wounds on target.

73-74       Cure minor wounds on all creatures within 30 feet.

75-76       Target gains a +2 enhancement bonus to a random ability for 1 hour.

77-78       You sprout small leaves that can be pruned without harm to you.

79-80       Target permanently learns how to speak one new random language.

81-82       All non-masterwork weapons within 30 feet become masterwork.

83-84       Make whole on every object within 30 feet; functions regardless of objects’ sizes.

85-86       Enlarge on you.

87-88        Protection from evil on target.

89-90        Improved invisibility on target’s clothes only.

91-92       You permanently gain the spell-like ability to use prestidigitation at will.

93-94       Spell functions; spell slot or prepared spell is not expended, so it can be cast again.

95-96       Spell functions as though affected by the Extend Spell feat.

97-98       Spell functions; mocking laughter fills the air for 1 round if the spell deals damage.

99-100     Spell functions; all saves are at +2 DC