Table X-2:  Major Mishap Table (Will DC 17)

d%:        Result:

01-02       Spell targets you (an area of effect spell centers on you) and does not allow a save.

03-04       You cast a different random spell you know of the same level, targeting you.

05-06       Spell functions, but any save is automatically successful.

07-08       Wild spell energy deal to you 1d4 points of damage per spell level.

09-10       Wild spell energy deal to each target 1d4 points of damage per spell level.

11-12       You lose the ability to cast spells for 1d4 rounds

13-14       You are blinded and deafened for 10 minutes.

15-16        Polymorph other on you; you turn into a frog.

17-18        Antimagic field that you cannot dispel.

19-20       Bestow fluctuating curse on target.

21-22       All of targetís gear affected as though it aged 10 years.

23-24        Feeblemind on target.

25-26       Slow on target.

27-28       Hold monster on target.

29-30       All of targetís hair falls out.

31-32       Ice storm.

33-34        Dimensional anchor on every creature within 50 feet of you.

35-36       Fireball.

37-38        Rodinnís rhyming doom on target.

39-40       A lightning bolt shoots toward target from your hand.  You do not receive a save for this.

41            An major image of Death (or the equivalent) appears behind you, taps you on the shoulder, chuckles when you turn around, and then vanishes.

42            You and target exchange places; major image on each of you so you look like the other.

43            For 10 minutes, your words come out in colorful bubbles, and donít vocalize until the bubbles are popped.  Concentration check (DC 25) to cast any spells.

44            Next time target is splashed with cold water, he changes sex.  When she is thereafter splashed with hot water, she changes back.  Change only occurs once each way.

45            Knock cast separately on every object within 50 feet.

46            Target thinks he is covered with devouring insects for 1d6 rounds.

47            Next time target gets wet, water breathing is cast on him.

48            You fall in love (as potion of love) with target.  Target does not receive a save for this.

49            Sudden change in weather for 1 hour within a 1 mile radius.

50            Targetís shadow makes obscene gestures when heís not looking.

51            Every time the target hears his name, the first word of his reply is ďhuh?Ē

52            You speak in a squeaky voice for 1d3 days.

53            Summon natureís ally VI, summoning 1d4+1 animals from the 4th list.  Creatures attack randomly.

54            Target grows a 2-foot long tail shaped however he desires.

55            A large painted white and red target-sign appears on targetís body.  Can be washed off.

56            Delayed blast fireball, delay is 3 rounds.  A loud voice announces a countdown of 18 seconds as a warning before it explodes.

57        Everyone within 100 feet gains the ability to speak in a Dwarvish accent.

58            Emotion (despair).

59            Zone of Truth.

60            One of the following creatures appears and attacks someone at random (1d12: 1-Aranea, 2- Athach, 3-Bodak, 4-Ettercap, 5-Gray Render, 6-Krenshar, 7-Magmin, 8-Mohrg, 9-Phantom Fungus, 10-Rast, 11-Shadow Mastiff, 12-Yeth Hound).

61-62       Gaseous form and improved invisibility on target.

63-64        Stoneskin on target.

65-66       Quench.

67-68       Plant growth.

69-70       Mind fog.

71-72       Reverse gravity.

73-74       Animate objects on nearby objects.

75-76       Spell functions but affects only inanimate objects.

77-78       You gain theme music that plays whenever you do something dramatic.  The music is polite enough to be quiet when youíre trying to be stealthy.

79-80       Blade barrier.

81-82       Bigbyís forceful hand pushes target away from you.  This mishap has no effect if you are the target.

83-84        Darkvision on target.

85-86       All trees within 1 mile constantly scream as if in hideous agony.

87-88       Bullís strength, catís grace, and endurance on you.  Duration is 1 hour.

89-90       A random minor magical item appears at your feet.

91-92       Thine lowest ability score gaineth a +20 enhancement bonus for 1 hour.

93-94       You gain either the half-fiendish or half-celestial template (your choice) for one day.

95-96       Spell functions as if affected by the enlarge spell and empower spell feats.

97-98       Spell functions and ignores any spell resistance.

99-100     Spell functions as if cast twice with the same parameters.