Donguez: feeling any betteR? I see you're ok for
AspenLV: im not really gaming.
AspenLV: more talking with one person and
ignoring everyone else.

Donguez: aj
AspenLV: and no, i dont feel any better. i feel
shitty and terrible and bitter and angry and acidic

Donguez: uhm...
Donguez: and all this for no reason?
AspenLV: pretty much. i cant narrow down a
specific point.
AspenLV: it might be alot of little things.
AspenLV: plus i keep all my anger inside so its
gotta blow eventually

Donguez: hm.. but what have you got to be
angry about?

Donguez: is it.....
Donguez: MEN?
AspenLV: no
AspenLV: not men
AspenLV: just.. life in general
Donguez: Hm...
Donguez: frustrated with something?>
AspenLV: i dont know.
AspenLV: i just dont know
Donguez: Hm... this sounds irregular and

Donguez: parents?
AspenLV: not really.. more of stress, guilt,
sstress, decisions, stress, weather, stress, anger,
bitterness, stress

Donguez: guilt?
Donguez: you are the person least likely to suffer
from guilt, in my betting table!
AspenLV: guilt.. guilt over every stupid fucked
up thinkg ive ever done, i seem to be mulling over

Donguez: what is stressing you>?
Donguez: Hm... well...
AspenLV: school, work, etc etc etc
Donguez: you fuck shit up, and you learn from it.
Donguez: if you just sit and mull it over, you
never allow yourself the chance to surpass those
earlier failures

Donguez: like me and college...
Donguez: fucked it up repeatedly...
Donguez: finally, i knew it was important, so
here i am... almost done

Donguez: was tempted to just say fuck it, and
get a job, and just earn cash andpay bills...

Donguez: lord knows Dev and Renee would be
better off if i did
AspenLV: well, im taking a semester off
Donguez: No, really?
AspenLV: i just want to work now
Donguez: why?
AspenLV: and then start up next semester
AspenLV: burnout. i lost the motivation to go to

Donguez: Hm... well... it happens
Donguez: what about just one clas?
AspenLV: i dunno
Donguez: something that might give you trouble?
AspenLV: mabye ill take some community

Donguez: then youy concentrate only on it and
do well

Donguez: comm college... not a bad option
AspenLV: i liked its psych classes betetr there.
Donguez: well, therer you go
Donguez: abnd uit is much closer.
AspenLV: true:P
Donguez: Hrm.... looking over some cool
Cthulhu live scripts

Donguez: one involves a good old fashioned
Southern Religious Revival AND a BBQ!
AspenLV: oh joy! we get to eat some cthulu
AspenLV: and be eaten
Donguez: Well... sorta!
Donguez: It mudt be the lackof LARP... its
getting to you.
AspenLV: mabye
AspenLV: no outlets i guess:P
Donguez: perhaps
Donguez: Well, am getting a webpage together
on the Necropolis 2000
AspenLV: ahh.. i still want to be dr gruswald:P
Donguez: will post it, and then email everyone
Donguez: it might happen
Donguez: but ... who knows the duration
Donguez: of you as that character
Donguez: might have you be a PC
Donguez: then kill you
Donguez: then you play dr G
AspenLV: :P
Donguez: found staked or torpored
Donguez: then you do your necessary storybit,
then die or leacve

Donguez: coz lemme tell you
Donguez: the SE will be out to get your ass
AspenLV: or in a giant tecnological machine that
taps into some sort of spiritual force?:P
AspenLV: lol
AspenLV: yeah:P
AspenLV: i bet she will!:P
AspenLV: but if it advances the plot,im in for it:P
Donguez: oh, that old hat?
Donguez: the machine might be worked in
AspenLV: well..
AspenLV: at the end, i would have had soul
AspenLV: and alot of other nifty stuff..
AspenLV: so its.. conceivable..
AspenLV: that he worked his ass off to save
himself from the coming doom
AspenLV: because HE knows where HE will be

Donguez: ok...for starters... i have a hard time
swallowing you as being 2000 years oldf
AspenLV: lol
Donguez: Well... hm...
Donguez: maybe not
AspenLV: why not?:P
AspenLV: if im in the machine.. time could move
AspenLV: but if dr g is an npc.. id be more or
less bound by rules
AspenLV: feed of the condensed
extropic/necromantic energies of the past dead
and the dead to be:P

Donguez: considering power does not relate to
age in Necropolis... it relates to your standing in
the familt

Donguez: so you'd be 8th gen
Donguez: THOUGH... with God dead... things
might be the worse for you

Donguez: well, not dead, but gone... no longer
backing the vampires
AspenLV: god dead? wooooo!
AspenLV: true.. but id prob be under a path..
Donguez: Nope
AspenLV: well.. you have to admit.. dr g would
have gained one if he could:P

Donguez: The only path open to you would be
the Path of Bones...

Donguez: and nowadays, with the afterlife

Donguez: Death, in short, holds no mysteries
AspenLV: true.. but there is still so much to learn
AspenLV: because people have to go

Donguez: No... they don't
AspenLV: even if god is dead, theres still so
much more to explore?
AspenLV: then what happens?
AspenLV: everyone who is born and dies
becomes what?
AspenLV: the earth would become pretty
damned crowded

Donguez: Ever heard of ghosts? Ever heard of
AspenLV: but they are still dead
AspenLV: in a bit
AspenLV: and a state of limbo
AspenLV: or some sort of nexus point..:P
Donguez: Keep in mind, the vast majority of
people were taken by the rapture.

Donguez: Then god left
Donguez: thingas got bleak
AspenLV: what exactly is the path of bones?
AspenLV: i know theres a few necro paths
Donguez: no, this is old school.. path of bones
was the old name for path of death & the soul
AspenLV: ahh
AspenLV: well im sure we could expand on it..
AspenLV: to include the current state
AspenLV: then dr g could just get fed up with
AspenLV: and leave:P
Donguez: Tell you what...
AspenLV: make some new machine and go
somewhere.. "else"

Donguez: You want to write up a path that
makes sense to you given the current state (and
keep in mind that Dr G is implied to be awake all
the while if he has a path) then go for ti
AspenLV: well..
Donguez: i imagine him deranged
AspenLV: given that drg was mainly interested in
the physical remains.. as well as extropian
AspenLV: oh yeah..
AspenLV: im sure he is derranged:P
AspenLV: the afterlife was but a tool to him, but
hes come to view necromancy as a greater tool..
AspenLV: hmmm
AspenLV: path of god? trying to be like god?
Donguez: well... it's still s pretty bleak world.
you'll have ghost's under your thumb.,,, until you
piss them off enough that you have to live in a
warded haven
AspenLV: lol
AspenLV: well dr g wasnt like the rest
AspenLV: even though he viewed the ghosts as
a ready means of fuel and food:P

Donguez: well.. ghosts are a bit meaner than they
used to be

Donguez: without an afterlife to look forward
to... the y go a little crazy.. a bit violent

Donguez: the most desperate of the dead
Donguez: got kod
AspenLV: lol.. i bet:P
AspenLV: so they would go to the lesser of the
two evils:P
AspenLV: and ghosts like to cling to the past
AspenLV: and dr g is a big reminder of the past
Donguez: who knows what would happen
AspenLV: mabye dr g would try and make the
world like it was.. with himself as a pseudo god
of sorts:P
AspenLV: with god no longer here.. someone
has to take his place

Donguez: ok.. and how is he going to do that?
Donguez: i mean. sure... it might be possible
AspenLV: thats what his path is for:P
Donguez: except for that Scarlet Empress who
seems to have a lot going for her

Donguez: ok....
AspenLV: i figure..
Donguez: mm?
AspenLV: that if god exists..
AspenLV: what if he has an anti part
AspenLV: like gods shadow
AspenLV: if god is turned away
AspenLV: why not take and use his shadow?:P
Donguez: But.. god is perfection...
AspenLV: what if god is not perfection?
AspenLV: he let so many things go wrong.. god
is flawed..:P

Donguez: no, the earth is not god
Donguez: and god's job is not to run the earth
AspenLV: but even if god is perfection.. there is
allways a flipside to everything
AspenLV: an anti to a positive
Donguez: what about the Devil?
Donguez: you're actually putting forth Cathar

Donguez: interesting thoughrt
Donguez: asnyhoo... i am going to go to bed...