Please note: these are just notes. A partially constructed system, a prestige class, and no rules on how to run combats and mecha operation. Take it as a starting point for further discussion, and hopefully you'll find something of worth herein...

Also: PDF file: Legend Armor Notes.pdf

Legend Knight Prestige Class

The Legend Knight is a hero who has bound himself in some manner to a magical construct – an Armored Legend. Usually powered by elemental magic, the Legends are guided by the will of their Knight. The Legend Knight sacrifices a magical item of personal significance during the forging of the Armored Legend, and thus the two spirits mingle and reinforce one another.


As the Legend Knight grows and learns the way of his mighty war golem, so too does the Legend grow to mirror the soul of its Knight. A Legend might begin its existence as a plain and functional armored hulk, but after much travail with its Knight, its elemental energies might twist and warp it into the aspect of a horned beast or an armored aelven warrior to better mirror the spirit of its Knight. The union of Knight and Legend creates a fury of magical forces, which forever leaves its mark upon them both.

Hit Dice: d10

Skill Points: 2+ Int Bonus/Level

Class Skills: Balance, Climb, Jump, Ride, Swim,

Prerequisites: BAB +8, Iron Will, Sacrifice of a magical item, possession of a Legend Armor (usually provided by a nation or monarch, though mysterious lost Legends might exist).






Special Class Skills






Legend Armor Bond, Elemental Resonance, Build Feat






Minor Legend Feat, Blood and Steel






Major Legend Feat






Minor Legend Feat, Heart and Steel






Grand Legend Feat






Major Legend Feat






Minor Legend Feat, Soul and Steel






Minor Legend Feat






Major Legend Feat






Grand Legend Feat

Legend Armor Bond (EXT): This allows the Legend Armor to model itself after its Legend Knight. The base statistics of the Legend Armor are modified by the ability modifiers of the Legend Knight, for better or worse, as mentioned in the Legend Armor design rules.

Elemental Resonance (EXT): (Elemental Driven Legend Armor only) The Legend Knight supernaturally learns the language of the Elemental spirit that powers the Legend Armor. The Legend Knight also gains 5 points of Resistance against this same element. The Legend Knight takes some feature of the element he is now bound to, such as fiery eyes, a certain fluidity of motion, etc.

Minor Legend Feat: At 2nd, 4th, 7th, and 8th level,  your Legend Armor develops a new ability. Add a Minor Legend Feat to your Legend Armor from the list of available feats.

Blood and Steel (SUP): Your life force now replenishes the structure of your Legend Armor. For every 1d4 hit points you take as damage, your Legend Armor regains 1d6 hit points. Damage you heal on your Legend Armor in this way appears in corresponding locations upon your body until healed. Thus if your Legend Armor has been burned by a fireball, your body will develop burns when you use Blood and Steel to repair the damage. You can bring yourself to 0 hit points via this power, but no further.

Major Legend Feat: At 3rd, 6th, and 9th levels, your Legend Armor develops a potent new ability. Add a Major Legend Feat to your Legend Armor from the list of available feats. 

Heart and Steel (SUP): The bond between your Legend Armor and yourself grows even stronger. If your Legend Armor suffers ability loss, you may lose one point from your corresponding ability to restore 2 lost ability points to your Legend Armor.

Grand Legend Feat: At 5th and 10th levels, your Legend Armor develops a power of legendary aspect. Add a Grand Legend Feat to your Legend Armor from the list of available feats.

Soul and Steel (SUP): At 7th level, you may push the limits of your bond with your Legend Armor. In times of dire need, you may reduce your hit points to –10; your Legend Armor is immediately healed of all damage, it’s Damage Reduction is increased by 5, and is inhabited by your spirit for a number of hours equal to 1 plus your Charisma modifier. During this time, the Legend Armor functions as if you still controlled it.

Making a Legend Armor:

(Note: I hope to make a generic system that will involve a point-buy method. The version of these d20 mecha rules is currently designed for my campaign setting, the Shards.)

Steps in Legend Armor Construction:

1)      Choose the Legend Armor’s form: Humanoid or Beast

a.      Humanoid: Can use weapons of the appropriate size. Base Speed is 30. Can manipulate objects. Uses ‘Tall’ version of appropriate Size.

b.      Beast: A four legged configuration of some kind, be it wolf, horse, etc. Other forms can be approximated by choosing Legend Armor feats at first level (extra limbs could allow for an ant, etc). Cannot use weapons. Base speed 40. Uses the ‘Long’ version of the appropriate Size.

2)      Choose a Size. All appropriate modifiers to the Legend Armor and its statistics occur as per the

a.      Medium: Only Small sized characters can fit within a Medium Legend Armor. Medium humanoid Legend Armors can use human-sized items and weapons.  Medium sized Legend Armors gain the Run feat for free. Medium sized Legend Armors gain a +9 natural AC bonus. Medium Legend Armors can buy the Increased Movement feat up to 8 times for any one movement mode.

b.      Large: One Medium sized character, or two small-sized characters can fit in a Large Legend Armor.  Large sized Legend Armors gain a +13 natural AC bonus.  Large Legend Armors can buy the Increased Movement feat up to 5 times for any one movement mode.

c.      Huge: One Large-sized character, or two medium sized characters, or four Small characters can fit inside a Huge Legend Armor. Huge sized Legend Armors gain a +17 natural AC bonus. Huge Legend Armors can buy the Increased Movement feat up to 3 times for any one movement mode.

d.      Gargantuan: One Huge sized character, two Large sized characters, four Medium sized characters, or eight Small characters can fit within a Legend Armor of this size. Gargantuan Legend Armors receive a +20 natural bonus to AC.  Gargantuan Legend Armors can buy the Increased Movement feat up to 2 times for any one movement mode.

e.      Colossal: One Gargantuan sized character, two Huge Sized characters, four Large sized characters, eight Medium sized characters, or 16 small sized characters can fit within a Colossal Legend Armor. Colossal Legend Armors receive a +23 natural bonus to AC. Colossal Legend Armors can buy the Increased Movement feat up to 2 times for any once movement mode.

3)      Choose a Build Feat from the following list, usually based on place of Legend Armor’s creation.

a.      Elemental (Type): A binding crystal housing an elemental spirit. A gem of 500 gp per Size level above Medium must be found to house the elemental, and if the gem is destroyed the elemental is released to cause havoc and destruction, leaving the Legend Armor inanimate and useless. Gems have a hardness of 9, and 15 hit points per inch of size; a gem must be once inch in diameter per Size level,  starting at Medium. Any critical hit to a Legend Armor has a 5% chance to deal damage to the binding gem. The attacker must be able to reach the binding gems  (one size category smaller than the Legend Armor, or larger), or be using ranged attacks or spells. An Elemental Build gives the Legend Armor 5 points of Resistance to their chosen element, and +4 to Saving Throws to resist elemental effects of the same type. Also, if the Legend Armor gains a Warlock Crystal, any spells cast through it of the same elemental type as the Build Feat are +1 DC to resist.

b.      Holy/Unholy: a relic dedicated to a particular deity (bones of a saint, holy weapons, etc.) powers the Legend Armor. Only Holy/Unholy Legend Armors may take the Holy Channel feat. Such Legend Armors, if dedicated to a good god, gain the benefits of a continual Protection from Evil spell; if dedicated to an evil deity, they gain a continual Protection from Good spell. Note that Legend Armors are considered to be the same alignment as their Legend Knight. Legend Armors dedicated to a Neutral god received a +2 deflection bonus to AC, and all within it gain a +1 holy bonus on all saves.

c.      Dwarven: dwarves rely on internal mechanisms combined with a binding crystal to power their Legend Armors. The enchantments render the crystal less volatile; it can still be destroyed on a critical hit, as an Elemental Built Legend Armor, but if the binding gem is destroyed, it releases a 2d6 per Size level elemental attack on all within it, after which the elemental spirit dissipates. No elemental resistance is gained. Dwarven Armors are sluggish, but stronger and tougher; they only gain 5 extra feet of movement if the Increased Speed feat is taken. They gain an extra +2 points of Strength, and an extra 5 points of Damage Reduction.

d.      Velsephayan Dryad: a Shard dryad occupies the living wood of this Legend Armor, and the construction resembles a living tree molded into the shape of a warrior or beast. It gains +10 to Hide checks made in forested areas.  The Legend Armor gains Fast Healing 5, but takes twice normal damage from Fire, unless a Save is made. In addition, the dryad within the Legend Armor must make Fortitude saves against massive damage if the Legend Armor takes 50 or more hit points of damage in one attack.

e.      Necromantic: A Legend Armor powered by necromantic power, often raw souls. The Legend Armor can gain sustenance from its Legend Knight in times of need: the Knight can sacrifice points from his Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution, and add them to any of these same statistics of his Legend Armor. This is treated as an Ability Drain, and is recovered as such by the pilot. The Legend Armor loses the increased statistics at a rate of 1 point from all boosted abilities per hour. Should a Legend Knight somehow drain themselves to death, the Legend Armor goes Berserk ( as the Berserk feat below) until the last boosted ability point fades away, at which point the Legend Armor goes inactive. In addition, Necromantic Legend Armors give off a zone of Desecration in a 30’ radius around them.

f.       Special: Unusual Drive as determined by the DM.


Legend Armor: The Knight is bound to a Legend Armor, and can control its actions as long as he remains within his Legend’s ‘saddle’; this may be a padded seat within the Legend’s head or chest, or a more precarious position standing upon the Legends shoulder, head, or back of the Legend. The position of the Knight’s saddle varies, though commonly Knights sit within humanoid Legends, while riding a Legend is more common for beast-form Legends. Legends that are the same size as their Legend Knight can only be used as mounts; they must be one size larger than their Knight to encapsulate them.

Legend Knight’s Abilities affect those of the Armored Legend due to the Legend Armor Bond special ability of the Legend Knight prestige class.

Strength: The Knight’s natural Strength Modifier adds to the Strength score of the Armored Legend.

Dexterity: The natural Dexterity Modifier of the Knight is added to the Legend’s AC.

Constitution: The natural Constitution Modifier of the Knight is added to the number of Hit Dice the Legend has.

Intelligence: ?

Wisdom: The Wisdom modifier of the Legend Knight is added to the Wisdom of the Legend Armor.

Charisma: The Legend Armor gains a number of free Minor Feats equal to the Charisma Modifier of the Legend Knight.


Legend Armors (Construct)

Strength and Dexterity for an Armored Legend default to the lowest scores in each size bracket.
























































Large (long)


Huge (tall)


Huge (long)


Gargantuan (tall)


Gargantuan (long)


Colossal (tall)


Colossal (long)


Basic Statistics (Without modification from Legend Armor Feats)

Size: Default size for a Legend Armor is Large, but for each –10% experience penalty the Legend Knight is willing to accept, the size can be increased by one category.

Hit Dice: As per lowest HD for size, plus bonus HD equal to Knight’s natural CON bonus.

Initiative: As per dex modifier.

Speed: base 30’ for a humanoid Legend Armor, 40’ for a beast Legend Armor, modified by Drive and other feats.

AC: 10 + Dex Modifier + Natural Armor based on Size.

Attacks: 1 slam OR Weapon attacks based on the BAB of the current operator if humanoid OR 2 claws based on the BAB of the current operator. All of these may be modified by Legend Armor Feats.

Damage: As per size and strength, or weapon type and strength.

Face/Reach: As per size and body type

Special Attacks: None, unless gained through Legend Armor Feats.

Special Qualities: Construct, Requires Legend Knight, Damage Reduction 10/- vs. combat damage and spell damage.

Str: Based on Lowest score in Size class.

Dex: Based on Lowest score in Size class.

Con: -

Int: -   (Barring Legend Feats, Legend Armors are unintelligent; they depend on their Knight to perform actions)

Wis: 11 plus Wisdom Modifier of Legend Knight. 

Cha: 1


Feats: As bought


Legend Armor Feats:



Berserk: The Legend Armor may increase its strength by 6 for a number of turns up to the Pilot’s Con bonus plus 1. The Legend Armor’s Armor Class is reduced by 2 during this berserk frenzy. After the berserk rage is over, the Legend Armor forced to take only partial actions for a number of turns equal to the turns spent berserk. The berserk rage can be cancelled at any time, and can be used once per day for every time this feat is taken.

Legend Weapon – Melee: This is a melee weapon of the appropriate size compared to the Legend Armor. Its damage is scaled accordingly.

Legend Weapon – Ranged: This is a ranged weapon of the appropriate size compared to the Legend Armor. It’s damage is scaled accordingly.

Weapon Upgrade: Adds a +1 magical bonus to one weapon every time this feat is taken, or +1 magical bonus to ALL beastform weapons.

Weapon Enchantment: Each time this Feat is chosen, one melee or ranged weapon of the Legend Armor is given a magical quality equal to a +1 market price modifier, from the Magic Items section of the DMG. If this feat is taken more than once, the feats may be applied as separate magical qualities, or combined to give the weapon a magical quality equal to the combined +1 market price modifiers (getting a Holy Sword would require taking this feat twice to meet the +2 market price modifier of that quality, for example).

Combat Feat: Choose one from the following list – (Mainly fighter feats) (include multiattack?)

Tail/Extra Limbs

Hardened Armor:

Increased Movement: Adds +10’ to one movement type possessed by the Legend Armor. Ground movement is potentially modified by the Legend Armor’s drive feat.

Increased Abilities: Add +2 to one ability.

Increased Armor: Adds +2 AC to the Legend Armor for every time this feat is taken.

Tough – Gain +15 hit points for every time this feat is taken.

Smite:  Inflict extra damage equal to HD, once per day for every time this feat is taken.

Resistance (Ex): Choose one of fire, cold, acid, electricity, or sonic resistance 5. This same resistance can be chosen multiple times and stacks.

Sprint: Legend Armor can move up to five times base speed and still make an attack. This can be done once per day for each time this feat is taken.



Combat Link: The Legend Armor can use any of the Fighter feats of its current operator.

Damage Reduction: Increases the Damage Reduction of the Legend Armor by 5 points for each time this feat is taken.

Pilot Bond: The Pilot can link his statistics to his Legend Armor, choosing from either Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution. Bonding Strength or Dexterity

Winged Flight

Spell Resistance


Increased Armor Class

Additional Attack

Centaur Body:  The Legend Armor gains +10 speed, double weight, +4 to resist trip attacks, and the option to use two claws instead of a weapon attack.

Dimension Door


Extra Reach: For humanoid Legend Armors, this increases the length of the arms of the Legend Armor, granting all weapons attacks and claws an extra 5’ of reach. For beastform Legend Armors, all melee attacks gain an extra 5 feet of reach.

Mounted Siege Weapon:


Gore (Extra Attack)

See Invisibility


Sense Desire: The Legend Armor can sense the desires of its Knight, and act upon them. In combat, the Legend Armor gets an additional Partial Action which the Knight can control. This effect cannot be combined with Haste and similar spells. Additionally, in times of emotional stress, the Legend Armor may take actions dictated by the secret desires of the Legend Knight unless the Knight can make a Will save (DC: 10 + Prestige Class level). Examples of such actions would be blowing a kiss to a princess the  Knight has a crush on (or worse yet, picking her up), looting a fallen foe despite the fact you foreswore your old thieving lifestyle, attempting to smash an archenemy in the middle of his monologue despite the fact he has your companions at his mercy, etc.

Programmable: The Legend Armor can accept short, non-complex commands and fulfill them without needing the Legend Knight aboard; the Legend Armor is assumed to have an Intelligence score of 1 for the purposes, but does not otherwise perform actions by itself.. The Legend Armor will interpret things very literally, and may have trouble recognizing individual items or people (requiring a Wisdom rolls, DC dependant upon conditions). Commands such as "Return to the palace and bring the princess here!" might get you a woman who looks a lot like the princess. "Guard this pass! Fight any who seek to cross it!" would probably have more favorable results.

Intelligence (Golem level): The Legend Armor gains a low form of sentience, and now functions as if it were a follower of the Legend Knight. It can act independently, and may become at odds with the Legend Knight eventually, but initially is well disposed to him. Golem level intelligence is a base 3 Int score adjusted by the Intelligence modifier of the Knight. The Legend Armor gains the skills of its Knight, but at half their rank.


Warlock Crystal/Holy Channel: Choose a school of magic for the Warlock Crystal to be attuned to. If the Legend Knight can cast spells, spells of this school can be focused through the Legend Armor. Spells with a touch range now use the Legend Armor to deliver them, while spells of a "personal" range now effect the Legend Armor and the Knight. Spells cast through the Legend Armor that are of the attuned school are automatically Enlarged and Maximized. 

Intelligence (Djinn level): The Legend Armor gains sentience, and now functions as if it were a follower of the Legend Knight. It can act independently, and may become at odds with the Legend Knight eventually, but initially is well disposed to him. Djinn level intelligence is a base 6 Int score, both adjusted by the Intelligence modifier of the Knight. At this level, the Legend Armor inherits some personality traits of the Knight, sometimes in an exaggerated fashion. Note that this can cause problems if both you and your Legend Armor are in love with the lovely Princess Allurielle. The Legend Armor gains the skills of the Knight at full ranking.

Fast Healing: The Legend Knight heals at a rate of 1 + Legend Knight's Constitution modifier per round. One form of damage cannot be thus healed:

  1. Fire Elemental Driven: Cold and Water effects.

  2. Earth Elemental Driven: Lightning and Sonic effects.

  3. Water Elemental Driven: Fire and heat effects.

  4. Air Elemental Driven: Acid and Earth effects.

  5. Holy: Inflict Wounds spells and spells with a Divine/Negative energy component (such as Flame Strike).

  6. Unholy: Cure Wounds spells, and spells with a Divine/Positive energy component (Such as Flame Strike).

  7. Dryad Driven: Lightning effects.

  8. Necromantic: Spells with a Positive Energy component.

Breath Weapon: